Are you worried about a young person? – Luotsi in english



What Luotsi does?

Luotsi is a youth work model, which attempts to provide a young person with support as early on as possible, before difficulties pile up and more intensive forms of support are needed.

Luotsi operations are intended for 12 to 15 year-olds in need of support and their families in northeast, west and east Helsinki.

Work methods

Luotsi operations apply work methods that take the young person’s own hobbies and interests into account. The aim is that the young person commits to the Luotsi operations and feels that they are meaningful. At the same time, the growth and development of the young person is guided in a positive direction. An individual support programme is designed for each young person participating into the activities. It sets the goals for the operations while taking into account the young person’s life at home, in school and during leisure time.

Contact us!

Do not hesitate to contact the Luotsi directors! We can get together to decide if Luotsi is suitable option for the young person in question. The contact information of the directions is available at the “yhteystiedot” -tab.